We are proud of the personal relationships we have with our satisfied clients and are proud to share some of their testimonial comments below.

If I ever have another home built, Mr. Yoest of Corey Anthony Custom Homes would be the only builder I would contact. His attention to detail and his HONESTY is fantastic. I have dealt with many contractors on a daily basis during my working career, and I have never worked with a more caring and HONEST one than Mr. Yoest. He follows through with what he says.


I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your crew for the great job on building our home. We are thankful that we chose you to build our home and not one of the big name builders. Your customer service from the start to completion an afterwards was greatly appreciated. Feel free to use us as a reference in the future. We would be happy to discuss the excellent job you and your crews did with any of your potential clients.

Mike and Yolanda

We are thankful for the extra time, help and patience you offered from the start to finish. From our initial meeting to discuss basic home construction, to the completion you were extremely helpful in this major project. From the advice on original architectural plans, to the refinancing at the end, you successfully and professionally worked with Terri and I through the issues and changes that arose. We believe Corey Anthony Custom Homes came through in delivering us a beautiful, energy efficient home.�

Dan and Terri

RE: Selling home on Meadowsweet Drive ��It was also to say thank you for building us such a good house. Although we love our new place, it is older and the standard of finish is so poor compared to what we have been used to. We have set Meadowsweet as our standard for re-modeling. We sold Meadowsweet in less than 48 hours. The realtor who arranged purchase of our home knows you (or of you), and when our property went on the market, she told the purchasers to make a fast move, "as she knew the builder and the house would sell very quickly". Can't get a better recommendation than that!. So I wish you well, thanks again and if there is any recommendation I can offer, please feel free to ask."

Mark and Joy

"I would say Mr. Yoest has a complete handle on every step of the home building process. I would recommend Gary Yoest and Corey Anthony Custom Homes over any other builder for many reasons, starting with trustworthiness and honesty. What makes his houses superior is the extent to which he is on top and �hands on� involved with each step and process. I am confident in recommending Corey Anthony Custom Homes because I know how committed Mr. Yoest is to making things turn out right, and I know he has the ability, knowledge, experience and motivation to get it done".


"Mr. Yoest was involved with the construction of my home. I would not hesitate to refer him. He does quality work. His motto is �if he is going to do the job, it will be done right or he won�t do it at all�. If there is something in question, he will rectify it immediately".


"We're very pleased with the outcome of the garage and the quality of work you do. We think the garage ties in nicely with the house and gives the house a better "curb appeal". We've gotten many compliments from the neighbors and friends and are glad we chose you and Dick for this project. Dick's design work paid off and your construction crews did a bang-up job"!


�Quality of work. Communication and doing what you said you would do. The ease of contacting you during construction, response to a couple warranty items and your prompt response to messages left. I also thought it was class act when you checked up on us hours after HURRICANE IKE. We had been in the house for 27 months.� I just want to express in the letter how pleased we have been, with the house and your response to our needs.


My biggest 3 questions/issues were: The quality of workmanship, Reliability and trustworthiness of the contractor, and timeliness of getting the job done. In all 3 you far exceeded my expectations.


When we were looking for a home, we knew Benders Landings was where we wanted to live. During the relocation process, we began visiting you and were pleased from the start. You had just completed a custom home in the Benders Landing Estates addition that was available for viewing. You came and met with us personally and gave us a tour of the home and answered all of our questions. After living in our home for just a little over a year, I have been particularly impressed with the solid construction that has been built into our home. We are also pleased with, and receive daily enjoyment from, the design and detail work in the finishing millwork used throughout the home. You have continued to be extremely responsive to questions and have addressed our needs; you truly offer fantastic customer service. The quality of workmanship is apparent with all of the sub-contractors you used; they all did superior quality work. You built a number of unique but very practical features into our home and all were fully completed with true attention to detail. Gary, we want you to know how pleased we are with our new home as we celebrate our second Christmas here in Houston; Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thank you again and sincere regards,

Dale and Anita

Our house was built by Corey Anthony Homes, and we moved in, in November 2005. We selected the house prior to the pad being poured. We previously lived about 20 miles away and were able to monitor and oversee all aspects of construction. Although I am not remotely qualified to make such a statement, I do believe the standard of construction and finish achieved was, and remains to be very good. Visitors often remark on the quality of finish. Gary was very easy to deal with and the whole process was pretty painless. When issues were identified, they were resolved simply and easily, and I think it is fair to say there was reasonableness on both sides. The final cost was discussed over a pleasant meal and agreements made were adhered to. Gary seemed to welcome the extra sets of eyes that we afforded to the construction and always acted positively to any issues identified. Gary was amenable to changes in specification and requirements. For example, we selected laminate flooring and wooden stairs late in the construction, and we had an elevated deck built to the rear of the house. The freedom of choice afforded us sometimes became daunting. There have been very few issues since moving in � some faulty electrical switchgear and some minor plumbing repairs, but each was handled quickly and efficiently and usually involved the people who did the original construction. Our previous home was a XXX home of similar size. It certainly appears that the cooling and heating costs are significantly lower in this home, and we are conscious that the air conditioner does not trip in so frequently. The heating system adequately heats the house, and rarely, if ever do we need to use the boost function, whilst the XXX system often could not cope with the heat demand and we sometimes felt cold. We visited relatives overseas during the winter period so we do not have a realistic analysis of costs. As an example, though the electricity bill for 20th April to 19th May was $115.