Corey Anthony Custom Homes' storm rooms are constructed using monolithically poured  8" solid concrete walls and ceilings with steel reinforcement (not concrete block construction).

Storm rooms can be built as free standing structures or as additions to your home offering direct passage as a storm approaches.

The addition of a storm room at your residence will increase the resale value of your home.

The entire structure shown with this arrow features monolithically poured 8" walls with the storm room located in the rear corner.

Here in Texas, where we face both tornados and hurricanes, Corey Anthony Custom Homes can provide you with a safer alternative to endure the most severe weather.

Don't get stranded on I-45 with everyone else trying to leave town because of an approaching hurricane.

A properly constructed storm room can provide added peace of mind, allowing you to stay in your home with your loved ones and pets. You can remain to keep an eye on your property, reducing the chance of looting that can take place after a major storm passes. ("Remember Hurricanes Alicia and Allison")