There are numerous core components of a green home as listed below.


- Home designed to take advantage of natural daylight while reducing heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter


- Orientation of the home on the lot, blending with the natural environmental surroundings


- Tight construction consisting of encompassing the living area in an �envelope�


- Superior insulation that improves overall
energy efficiency

-Windows that are lowE, double pane, argon filled and constructed of vinyl


- Water efficiency sustained by using low volume dishwashers and washing machines, tankless water heaters, low flow shower heads and reduced water flush toilets


- Efficient heating and cooling equipment such as 16 SEER air conditioning condensers coupled with dual speed furnaces, HEPA air filtration and fresh air recirculation systems distributed from high performance ducting


- The use of Energy Star appliances


- Recycling of construction waste when possible such as cardboard boxes from fixtures, appliances, etc



Corey Anthony Custom Homes builds green, environmentally friendly homes and is willing to take your desire to be green as far as you would like

Corey Anthony Custom Homes has been building green homes in Montgomery County, Texas since before the term "green construction" was popular. Building green is best summed up as constructing a home that focuses on energy efficiency, water conservation, resource conservation and indoor air quality.


The use of recycled and sustainable products is also taken into consideration. Another aspect of green building is how a home is situated with harmony on the lot and blends with the natural environment.


There are different shades of green. How extensively one wants to pursue them depends on a number of factors, including a client's passion for green building and budget considerations for the project.