Mr. Yoest was the one, who took the project from the planning to the current building phase and who will complete it for us and we are perfectly happy with the choice we made. We are convinced that the HEBEL product is superior to all other AAC products on the American market. 


Mr. Yoest and Corey Anthony Custom Homes comes highly recommended from our side. He is devoted to this project as anyone can be, takes care of all the details and all trades involved in this have performed very good state of the art work. So if you are willing to start construction and you know what you want, I recommend a builder who then will get you in touch with the right architects, engineers and who will coordinate all the right trades as not a lot of people are familiar with this here in Texas."


                                    Regards, Florian



"After a lot of research we ended up choosing this product for a lot of its obvious advantages and also because it is so common in Europe. Not being familiar with the American technical regulations and specific building codes, which have to be applied, (and there are a lot), we decided that we needed a builder to fulfill our vision and do this right.

Corey Anthony Custom Homes is currently building an AAC Hebel custom home in Montgomery, TX near Lake Conroe featuring AAC block used for exterior walls.


Feel free to contact Gary Yoest here at Corey Anthony Custom Homes for a tour of our Hebel AAC project.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, known as AAC, has been a popular building material in European countries for decades. This innovative concrete material has been introduced in the U.S. in recent years and is now available at Corey Anthony Custom Homes.


AAC is a precast, manufactured building stone made of all-natural raw materials and is available in a variety of forms ranging from wall and roof panels to blocks and lintels.


We are proud to be one of the few custom home builders in the Houston and Montgomery County areas that are constructing AAC residential homes. Our team of experienced masons have been working with AAC materials and building practices for years.


Our Autoclaved Aerated Concrete product line is by Hebel, a part of the Xella Corporation, that has plants and offices throughout 30 countries world wide.